About Lysiplex

Lysiplex A / S is one of Denmark’s largest sign and illuminated advertising companies. The company was founded in 1958 and is producing light signs and facades using most modern and advanced technologies. Today the company has 35 employees and its own production, assembly teams, service department and glass blower. Lysiplex manufactures, assembles and services signs ind Denmark and abroad, and gladly accept special tasks that require creativity and expertise. Lysiplex is a certified electrician firm and member of Danske Lysreklame Producenter (DLP) and the European Sign Federation (ESF), and also ISO 9001 certified. The headquarters, service department and production facilities are located at Dalager 14 in Brøndby, and the glass blower at Avedøre Holme.

Production facilities

Lysiplex produces all kinds of signs in the production facilities in Brøndby. Lysiplex has flexible production facilities with skilled professionals, state-of-the-art machines and storage space for the customers. It is essential that the best professionals are employed, each of them specialists in their field, including carpenters, tool makers, machine workers, certified welders and electricians. They all have many years of experience, are highly responsible and have a major impact on the entire production process. They have the craftsmanship needed to enable Lysiplex to deliver everything from very large orders with hundreds of signs to special products, where development of new prototypes and experimentation with production methods are involved. Lysiplex knows all production methods, materials and technologies, and thereby we are able to solve even the most complex and demanding tasks.

Lysiplex works according to Lean principles, which ensures the customer a delivery of the utmost quality, performed under efficient processes and good working structures. Lysiplex has implemented Lean in cooperation with the Teknologisk Institut and made optimizations in production as well as administration.

ISO 9001
Lysiplex is ISO 9001 certified. It ensures quality management and means that Lysiplex clearly has defined processes, values, ongoing monitoring and evaluation. For the customer, it means clarity and quality assurance.


Within signs Lysiplex is an industry leader, with an excellent reputation and the best quality. They have focus on customer satisfaction, service and have the greatest expertise. Lysiplex has talented employees who have co-responsibility, influence and good working conditions.


Lysiplex works effectively for environmental protection and is part of environmental protection waste arrangements. Among other things Lysiplex has an expanded agreement with Stena Miljø about waste seperation regarding to different metals and aluminum. Lysiplex is also a member of LWF – the light industry’s Weee Association, which manages environmental waste from light sources.