Light at Langebro (bridge)

Lysiplex innovated a new light concept under Lange bro in cooperation with the municipality of Copenhagen and the light designer Jesper Kongshaug. The project was nominated for the Danish Light Award in 2015. It is designed with interactive RGB light and intends to reflect the movement in the city. When the cars pass the light … Continue reading “Light at Langebro (bridge)”

New sign at Rigshospitalet

Recently Lysiplex delivered and installed outdoor signage for all hospitals in Region H. As an example we produced and mounted the new facade sign at Rigshospitalet.

Circle K rebranding

In 2017 when Statoil needed rebranding, it was Lysiplex that handled the visual makeover of their 200 gas stations. It was a comprehensive task with the exchange of various signs including pylons, canopies and screens. Lysiplex delivered all signs and managed everything from ordering to installation and completion. We also handled the disposal of the … Continue reading “Circle K rebranding”